When im a major

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When im a major

Post by Heavily Armed Phoenix on Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:15 am

Btw: I dont expect you all to read all of this (the ones who read it all to the end are probably the only ones that will -get- what I talk about in the end). Im just bored sooooo...*dun da du duuuun*

I have made 1 more stepping stone to being a Major :3 im now a Red Captain as of yesturday...but since I was lazy I still need 32k exp for yellow captain. So in total to being a Major, I exactly need *drumroll*
75,650 more exp

Say I get around 10k-25k exp a day (depending on how much I can stay online and how many nabs I pwn XD). On an average, this should take me only about 5 more days, mabe less, mabe more (but not by much). At most it will take me a week.

Then when I get back to Florida (still in Virginia for another week and a half), ill go to Target and get me $75 worth of g coins from the g coin cards. Then when I can pay with my paypal again ill probably only buy 100 (even though I definatly got alot more) so incase I need more that month I can get 400 more XD (unlikely O.O but possible).
Im ganna get the dragonuv because im turning all pro sniper, with my trusty M249 incase the nabs try to rush me. Stock up on berets (shat they own big time). Then get that huge 240 g coin package, because if you do the math, you save HUGE on all of that shit....and its all good, not like its crappy at all...
So thats like... 460 gcoins and I still will have 435 left over. I !!!MIGHT!!! gift some people, you never know XD
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