Inter-Clan Scrimages Rules & Info

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Inter-Clan Scrimages Rules & Info

Post by Turok on Thu May 29, 2008 1:03 pm

Our Inter-Clan Scrimages (ICS) are 3vs3 tourments. They are a great way of meeting players inside of our clan and making great new friends! It is also a competive way to see who has the bragging rights for the week. Below is an explination of how they work!


Each weekend inter-clan scrimages will be taking place

- You and one other clan member will form a team. This team will be named by both you and your friend. After finding a partner you will post a new topic in this forum here with the following information:
    - Team Name:
    - Team Members:
    - Team Members Xfires:
    - Prefered Map:
    - Prefered Times:

- Once at least four teams have applied we will start begining INCS. There is an unlimited number of teams.
- Every weekend there will be games to be played. Each game will be set up by a council member. The dates and times will be listed on Thursday each week.
- There will be two games in total played. Each game will have a total of 8 rounds each. After the first map is done and over teams switch sides in the lobby and play that map again. The winner will be determined by which ever team wins the best of two maps, or three (depending on a tie)
- The next weekend the winning teams will move on to play each other while the loosing teams will play the other loosing teams (The loosers bracket). Then the week after that and so on the winning teams will keep on playing, and so will the loosing teams, untill it comes down to the final two undefeated teams.
- The winning team after the "final" match will recive a "reward" that will be different each and every time.
- After the "final" round has been played out all teams records will be reset and the next weekend the tournement will restart itself.

If you have questions or comments please post below this thread, good luck teams!

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