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Read before challenging

Post by Turok on Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:31 pm

Read First:

If you are wishing to play a member in a clan that is fine. Just post a new topic here with the heading your name vs clan member name Request. If the other player does not wish to play you that is fine, and should not be forced into doing so. Both players must agree on the challenging post that they will participate. You guys are reponsible for picking your own maps, what times you want to play, and such.


Just like any match you must follow the basic rules that we play by in matches.

- You can make teams for 3v3's or just do 1v1's
- Both teams "Leaders/Captains/Members" must agree on the map
- Both teams "Leaders/Captains/Members" must agree on round limit
- Both teams "Leaders/Captains/Members" must agree on how many maps will be played
- No "subbing in players" if someone leaves
- No cheating or that team forefits the map
- No glitching or that team forefits the map
- No hacking or that team forefits the map
- No spamming in game or in the lobby
- Talk in team if you want to discuss stratagie its not our fault if you say it outloud
- You can go in different vent channels
- Maintain a friendly attitude toward other players
- Please keep "taunting" toward the other team at a minimal rate
- Final score is offical
- Winner gets bragging rights Smile


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