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Why Join TSF

Post by Turok on Sun May 18, 2008 2:55 pm

Welcome to the Tactical Solutions Force [TSFclan] Recruitment Headquarters.

Our vision: Is to create a team which focuses on: Teamwork, Communcation, Dedication, Pride and Commitment. We play the game in a realistic format. Creating small units to better assist us when in combat and having a strong formation that keeps all comrads alert. We are not the ordinary, we extend our gamming enjoyment towards: In clan tournaments, frequent wars, have frequent clan pratices, provide an in clan rank system, provide an in clan goverment system, and appreciate all of our soldiers. Overall we are a Strong Tactical Team, and we are a well organized & military based platoon. We provide our team with any and everything possible to make us the best of all. Here we are a Team, we are... The Tactical Solutions Force.

Dedicated Ventrillo IP: vent3.gameservers.com:4522
Offical Clan Website: http://tsfclan.110mb.com
Offical Clan Ijji stie: http://sfront.ijji.com/tsfclan

We have no "Kill/Death" requirement inside of our clan. Instead we will judge membership based on your personality, ingame skills, and what you can bring to our team. One thing we ask of future soldiers is that they have a way of keeping in touch with us. If you have ventrillo and a working mic/headset this will be prefered above all else. Xfire and using our clan forums will be the other option for future recruits. A little further down the page you will find out how to contact us.

We currently have many positions availble such as squad leadership postions, and clan council postions since we are just getting under way.

Since we are a tactical team we are looking for the more mature and dedicated gamers who can operate ventrillo, and have a working mic to play with us. The reason behind our ventrillo usage is to apply our tactical gameplay using voice over ip, to get the best effect.

Why join the Tactical Solutions Force:

  1. Communication: We provide a dedicated VENTRILLO server for all of our players to use. Xfire is also used to keep in touch with our members, but not a requirement. As well inside of the game we use tactical skills to communicate and play. Along with a dedicated seperate website and forums from our ijji page.
  2. Tactical: Our clan is a strong beliver in playing tactical in game to reach our goals. Overall we are a well organized & military base platoon. We provide our team with any and everything possible to make us the best of all.
  3. Dedication: Unlike the majority of the clans out there we strive to be the must active and efficent in soldier front. We provide our members with our own clan website, and forums were they can keep in touch and find out the lastest outside of soldier front! We are here to be a long lasting clan, not a two month and done deal.
  4. Government: The clan goverment runs the clan. We do not have a set leadership rank, instead we have a clan council that will oversee the running of an effective clan. The clan is set up so that everyone can have a say and make a difference, even if your a first day recruit we value your opinions. All of this leads to a very well organized clan.
  5. Activities: We hold many activies unique to our own clan such as inter-clan tourments, clan pratices, and wars. If you like to have almost daily wars in a tactical manner your at home with us.
  6. Unique: We provide an in-clan ranking system, squad system, goverment system, clan events, clan tourments, frequent wars, ventrillo, website, forums, and more!
  7. Fun: If you want to have fun with a tight group of players that enjoy playing the game then your at home with us. We are also against cheating and glitching in any way possible

  8. Joining/Contacting the Tactical Solutions Force

    If you are interested in joining our clan you can head on over to http://sfront.ijji.com/tsfclan and apply for our clan. We would prefer that you contact us in one of the ways below before you apply. Also if you think you want to join, feel free to post below with your contact info for us!

    1. Xfire: turok111 (Myself), nickpuzoo, owzdog (Ethier one of these guys will help you get started)
    2. Ventrillo: vent3.gameservers.com:4522 (Stop on by any time today we will be online 24/7 to answer your questions and get you set up with the team!
    3. Post below: We will be checking this topic freqently, questions coments just post below!
    4. Offical Clan Website: http://tsfclan.110mb.com (You can head on over to read more about us, as well as post on our clan forums.)
    5. Ijji Site: http://sfront.ijji.com/tsfclan (Post on our guestbook, and join up via this site!)

    Thank you for your time soldiers. I hope to see you on the Tactical Solutions Force frontlines soon!
    ~ General of the Army: Turok



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