How to start a squad

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How to start a squad

Post by Turok on Thu May 29, 2008 1:10 pm

Begining a Squad:
First of all you have to be dedicated enough and active enough to maintain a squad. This means you must be an active poster on our forums, get along well with clan members, have leadership experince, and have xfire. As a squad leader you decide what happens with your squad, from events, pratices, or whatever you would like. You are also responsible with promoting members, as well as setting up events for your squad.

How to Start:
- First of all you must be an active member in our clan
- Have a name for your squad such as Shoot to Kill, with an abrviation with three letters example [StK]
- Post a new topic in here as well as talk to a Clan Council memeber
- You must have at least 5 members willing to join your squad, or recruit 5 members
- You may choose one Lt (Lieutenant) for now as your squads co-leader. This can be a current clan member or a trusted recruit if they are willing.
- New members to your squad must start at the rank of Rct (Recruit) for about a week then, they will automaticly rank up. Current members that switch over to your squad will obtain the rank of Pvt (Private). Why we do this is to keep things fair within the clan. Say squad A, is looking for a Sergeant Major. They simply persuade Squad B's Sergeant Major to switch to them. This will not happen, unless aproved by the clan council.

Once your squad is acknowledged by the Clan Council you will obtain the rank of Captain, this is the Squad Leaders Rank. It is up to you to keep your squad happy and undercontrol. There are no restrictons for your squad as you are the leader of your own individual clan within [TSF]

You will now become the offical squad leader and, have clan council privilages, and be placed into the council usergroup. If over time your leadership starts to weaken you will be replaced.

Good Luck with your Squad!

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