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Squad Plans

Post by Heavily Armed Phoenix on Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:55 am

I was thinking this should be made for a whole differnt squad, but I dont think the clan is big enough yet to handle 2 squads and that this, anyways, should be taken into effect as a battle format in CW's. So here is my plan. Make a small regiment in the squad. Of about 2-4active players. They dont have to be great but they cant be horrible. I can train them on what they need to do. But when a CW is organized, at MOST 2 of them tag along and they are the -Elite Tactic Scouting Platoon- otherwise known as the ETSP. Here is what would happen in the clan war:
The 2 scouts would go to the main spots in the map, while the main party of force would entrench themselfs at the base they are spawned at. The 2 scouts go sneak around the map looking for the people, the job is not to kill them, but if you have the chance, do it and then sneak off to search more. If they die their order is to tell exactly where the people are and if they have a good look, where they WILL go. Then suggest to the main force what to do, how many people to send and where its up the the leader of the squad, but needs to be done fast.

If this is done, I ask that I am the leader of the ETSP, though it is only a request and you may do as you wish. I know how to handle this kind of thing and im positive that I can help train people some nifty tactics. I can explain it more, or better if you do not understand on ventrilo.
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