About our ranking structure

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About our ranking structure

Post by Turok on Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:54 pm

Ranking System:
It is up to squad leaders to promote/demote you depending you your activity, and other issues. Being "Active" means that you play with the clan, participate in wars, be active on our forums and so on.

Enlisted Men
These are generally squad members. With recruit being the lowest to Cpl being the highest. Just because they are in the bottom ranking group of the clan dosnt mean they dont have a say. They have the same rights as everyone else does in this clan. They members are in the learning period of our clan and figuring out how we operate.

Non-Commissioned Officers:
Non-commissioned officers, or NCOs, are the sergeants of the clan. They act as leaders in their squads and serve as a link between the enlisted men and the officers. Your NCOs are experienced gamers and leaders, and they will always leader/assist you, both in and out of the game. As you can tell there are a two different sergeant ranks. A squad leader for example can give a member different abilitys such as training sergeant for example.

These are your squad leaders. Officers are the ones who look after squads and make sure they are getting their things done. All squad members receive their orders from our officers. Officers give guidance, set up events, and more for squads. You should give every bit of respect to these men.

Clan Council:
Members within these rankings are your leaders and main commanders. As you can see there are many different ranks in the clan staff. Thats because there are many different jobs. They oversea the running of an effective clan and make sure everyone gets there work done.

.:Enlisted Men:.
Recruit - REC
Private - PVT
Corporal - CPL

Sergeant - SGT
Sergeant Major - SGM

Lieutenant - LT
Captain - CPT

.:Clan Council:.
Captain - CPT
Major - MAJ
Colonel - COL
Chief of Staff - COS
General - GEN
General of Army - GOA



Clan Council
Clan Council

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