Promotions and Demotions

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Promotions and Demotions

Post by Turok on Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:43 pm

Each Saturday Night we will be handing out promotions or in some cases demotions to members. During the week we will be looking at each member for certain things, such as activity, forum activity, skill, behavior, productivity, and more. One of these things alone will not get you a promotion. The clan staff will be speaking to your Officers in charge of your squads about each member. After the clan council gathers up this information on you we will make decissions on who will be promoted and in some cases demoted.

All promotions & demotions will be posted in a new subject in this area. You are responsible for checking them each week and seeing if your on the list or not. I will not be telling you over xfire, or in game to change your rank. It is your responsiblity to look and see if you have been promoted. It will take some members a shorter time than other to rise through the ranking ladder. Do not be discuraged. If we are holding you back it is for the benfit of you. Everyone will have their shot dont worry.

The pros of being promoted: Vent privilages, war privilages, more authority, higher postion in your squad, more respect.


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